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The Truckee sky will come alive with world-renowned performers swirling and twirling in the air!

L-39 Fire Cat

Rich Perkins will demonstrate the heat and power of Fire Cat, his L-39 Albatross Jet. This aircraft is an Eastern Bloc Jet Trainer, designed and built in Czechoslovakia as a principal training aircraft. The L-39 Albatros has the distinction of being the first of the second-generation jet trainers to be produced, as well as being the first trainer aircraft to be equipped with a turbofan power plant.

Smoke 'n Thunder Jet Car

Experience the deafening roar of a jet car engine and see the swirling clouds of smoke racing behind it when driver Bill Braack prepares to accelerate down the runway. This jet car approaches a speed of 400 m.p.h.! Don’t close your eyes, or you might just miss it!

Grumman F6F Hellcat

From the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing arrives the Grumman F6F Hellcat! Seeing the Hellcat today with fully 50 percent of the skin on the entire airplane being new, an entirely hand-built induction system, all new tubing throughout the airframe, etc., one realizes that this is essentially a factory-fresh Hellcat, rebuilt by a two man crew.

Spencer Suderman

Spencer Suderman returns again this year to perform his superb aerobatic routine with his modified Sunbird biplane. Since he appeared here last year, Spencer has broken his own record of continuous inverted flat spins. Last March 20 in Yuma Arizona, he completed 98 flat spins for a new Guinness world record. To see what this feat looked like from both inside the cockpit and out on a wing, check out the videos in the video gallery page here.

Danny Sorenson

Danny designed and built his biplane called Unfinished Business. Construction alone took over 6,000 hours. It’s a one-off ! Danny’s performance is reminiscent of the days of the Golden Age of Aviation with loops, rolls, lots of smoke and much more. Meet Danny at the show as he walks through the crowd after his performance, and you might just be the lucky boy or girl who receives a hand-crafted model of his biplane.

Red Star Pilots

Back to be a spectacular show pleaser for their 5th year, the Red Stars are a Precision Warbird Mass Formation Display Team. Demonstrations are non-aerobatic and display the precision flying capabilities of the RedStar Pilots Association (RPA) formation of qualified pilots. The Formation Display Team is comprised of several teams across the United States and is staffed by FAA qualified warbird formation pilots who have been trained and evaluated to the standards of the RPA.

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero

The Mitsubishi A6M “Zero” is a long-range fighter aircraft, operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1940 to 1945. The name “Zero” was derived from the last digit of Imperial year 2600 (1940) – the year it entered service with the Imperial Navy. At that time it was considered the most capable carrier-based fighter in the world, combining excellent maneuverability and very long range. This example, owned by the Commemorative Air Force, is one of only 5 flyable zeros in the world.

Anna Serbinenko

Anna, known as “Sky Dancer” trains aerobatic pilots and instructors, flies airshows and coaches the Canadian Flight Centre’s aerobatic team for competitions. Born in the Ukraine, she lived several years in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil before moving to Canada 5 years ago and falling in love with aerobatic flying. In her other life, Anna has a PhD in financial mathematics, speaks six languages and runs multiple businesses. Sky Dancing is a graceful dance performed to classical music in her Bellanca Super Decathalon.


Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV

In the Second World War, including the Battle of Britain, the Supermarine Spitfire was known for its speed and maneuverability. This aircraft is one of 53 still flying that use the marvelous sounding V-12 Rolls Royce Griffon engine. Built in 1944, it was sent to India and transferred to the Indian Air Force. Found badly damaged 1983, it was returned to England and totally restored. Now owned by the Commemorative Air Force, is has been brought it here for our viewing (and listening) pleasure!

P-51 Mustang

The most famous fighters of World War II, the P-51 Mustang has its roots in both Britain and the USA. Forging the American airframe with the British Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, it was unmatched by any piston aircraft of World War II. Based in Britain to escort long range bombers to the heart of Germany, bomber crews called them their “Little Friends.”


STOL (Short TakeOff/Landing) demonstrations have been a hit at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh the past two years.  Remote regions often require using modified aircraft for precise takeoffs and landings on rough terrain in less than 500 feet.  Oshkosh STOL Demo pilot Kevin Quinn and another local pilot Kevin Sloane will demonstrate their STOL operation skills for us. Quinn flies a 1953 Cessna 180, A Just Aircraft Highlander and a Backcountry Super Cub. Sloane flies his yellow Backcountry Super Cub and a Cessna 182.


Airshow Rides!!

Raven R-66 Turbine

Take an exciting aerial tour of our beautiful region in a four seat Robinson R66 Raven Turbine helicopter. Visbility and views unlimited. $60

SNJ Texan

Find out just why they call the Texan the ‘Pilot Maker’. The Pilot will allow you to take a hold of the controls during your ride and you will then discover just what an important part of aviation history this renowned trainer played.  $395

PBJ-1J B-25

A chance of a lifetime to take flight in one of the most important aircraft in all of aviation history. If there ever was a ‘bucket list item’ this is it. Simply stated, a ride you will never forget.  $495