2017 Performers

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The Truckee sky will come alive with world-renowned performers swirling and twirling in the air! This year the P-51 Mustang Man O’ War will “wow” the crowd with a full aerobatic show! (Some scheduled planes are pushing 100 years-old, so if they expire prior to show day, we’ll have a replacement.)

Kirby Chambliss

Kirby Chambliss is one of the top 15 aerobatic pilots in the world and is part of the U.S. National Aerobatic Team. In the early 2000s, he was asked to compete in the very first Red Bull Air Race. He transferred his explosive, aggressive flying style to the racetrack and is now a two time Red Bull Air Race World Champion! Click here to learn more. Check out this Team Chambliss video by clicking here.

Red Bull Wing Suit Team

The Red Bull Wing Suit team (the guys who appeared in the most recent Point Break movie!) will give air show attendees a show of a lifetime! Did you know that wingsuits are low-tech? No engines, no propellers, no instruments. They’re pretty much just a wearable wing, and experienced jumpers can certainly “fly” them. To top things off, two of the wing suit team jumpers are Tahoe locals, Charles Bryan and Mike Swanson. Click here to see a jump!

P-51 Mustang

The most famous fighters of World War II flew the P-51 Mustang which has its roots in both the USA and Britain. With a British Rolls Royce Merlin engine, this aircraft was unmatched by any piston aircraft of WWII. Based in Britain to escort long range bombers to the heart of Germany, bomber crews called P-51 Mustangs, “Little Friends”. Click here to learn more.

L-39 Fire Cat Jet

Rich Perkins will demonstrate the heat and power of L-39 Albatross Jet, Fire Cat!. This aircraft is an Eastern Bloc Jet Trainer, designed and built in Czechoslovakia as a principal training aircraft. It has the distinction of being the first of the second generation jet trainers to be, as well as being the first trainer aircraft to be equipped with a turbofan power plant. Click here to see more images.

Danny Sorensen

Danny designed and built his biplane called Unfinished Business. Construction alone took over 6,000 hours. It’s a one-off ! Danny’s performance is reminiscent of the days of the Golden Age of Aviation with loops, rolls, lots of smoke and much more. Meet Danny at the show as he walks through the crowd after his performance, and you might just be the lucky boy or girl who receives a hand-crafted model of his biplane. Click here to learn more.

Dornier Alpha Jet

Mark Peterson will show the power and precision of the Dornier Alpha Jet with 600 mph passes, 6G turns and vertical climbs to over 12,000 feet! The unique smoke system will leave rings and corkscrews in the beautiful blue sky for everyone to enjoy. The Alpha Jet is used in Europe and Asia as a ground attack fighter and trainer and is still flown by the Patrouillle de France demonstration team.

Legendary North American T-6

The T-6 is big and loud and will fill the sky with smoke! This “Smoke, Noise, and a Tribute” is the name of the act and it’s ALWAYS a crowd pleaser! Pilot Maker Air Shows will give show watchers a high impact, beautiful and graceful show demonstrating all the maneuvers flown by WWII military pilots. Pilot Barry Hancock is a Veteran Warbird Driver. Over the past 15 years, Barry has been a leader in the warbird community. For over a decade he has been restoring, selling and instructing in piston and jet warbirds.

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