Professional Airshow Performer and Announcer

Steve has the announcer for the Truckee Tahoe Air Show since the shows return in 2012! If he wasn’t announcing at our show, we’d have him performing in his Romanian Industrial Aeronautica of Romania, IAR – 823; Steve's IAR is THE ONLY IAR known to be flying professionally in the world!


In the 90’s Steve earned worldwide notoriety and the nickname “Wild Thing” with his European Extreme style of flying learned while training with the Czech National Aerobatic Team


A multi-talented guy, Steve’s voice resonates among crowds, and his expertise in handling all emergency situations is invaluable.



Gale Rawitzer and Kathy Eby help keep our show safe!

Dedicated team members of the Truckee Tahoe Air Show, Gale and Kathy repeatedly note that “Safety will never be compromised”. 

For over 36 years, Gale has been involved with the California International Air Show in Salinas providing expertise from Ground and Air Operations, President, Board of Directors and Professional Air Boss. Gale and Kathy have traveled to over 200 air shows world-wide to learn “best practices” on safety and overall organization.

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Mark E. Loper Aviation Photography, Event Photographer

Mark E Loper specializes in all aspects of Aviation Photography as well as Commercial, Event, Corporate, Portraits, Automotive, Landscape in addition to Fine Art Photography.


Air Show Productions, Event Videographer

With over 35 years aviation experience, Clark Cook has shared a deep passion for aviation since he took his first airplane ride at the age of 7. Before he got his driver's license, Clark rode his bicycle to the local airport to wash airplanes for rides. He also shared a passion for photography, often taking his parents' camera and shooting photos. In 2005, he combined the best of both worlds and founded AirShowPix, which evolved into what is now Air Show Productions.


We want to honor our First Responders – All Medical Personnel, Emergency Response Teams, Paramedics, Search and Rescue, Doctors, Nurses and Police. These brave and talented people arrive first at an emergency scene. They are extremely important, highly-skilled and talented individuals who stabilize patients in critical conditions until additional help arrives. And, they assist with managing non-critical emergencies. Their work is instrumental in keeping people safe and saving lives, EVERY DAY.

Thank you to all our First Responders