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Jets, Mono-Planes, Bi-Planes and more take to the sky!



Tom speeds through the air in a modified SubSonex Jet, otherwise known as JSX003. This Experimental Jet comes as a kit from the Sonex factory in Oshkosh, WI and weighs 500 lbs. It reaches a speed of 300 mph, and it is fully aerobatic. 


This SubSonex Jet was the first kit ever sold and flown, and it’s only been flying for approximately 2 years, so see it while it’s still “new” to tell your friends! The jet is powered by the PBS TJ-100 engine from the Czech Republic, and at full throttle it is capable of producing 258 lbs of thrust while burning 40 gallons/hr of jet fuel. As beautiful as the jet is, there is no paint on it! It is completely wrapped in a vinyl covering, similar to a show car.

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As a throwback to the barnstorming days of aviation in which stunt pilots performed tricks individually or in groups that were called flying circuses, Eric will perform three acts in his 1941 Piper J3 Cub. The three acts consist of Dead Stick Aerobatics, a Comedy Act, and a Car-Top Take-Off and Aerobatics. The audience is sure to be engaged and quite amused!


Since he was 12 years old, Eric dreamed of performing comedy acts at airshow, and now over 25 years later he’s fulfilling his dream in the J3 Cub. This airplane is best known for its speed, slow speed to be exact. It can lift off the ground at just 32mph (that’s slower than most birds fly!), cruises at only 75mph and weighs in at a whopping 770 pounds.


Anna has officially become one of Truckee’s favorite performers! She is a self-proclaimed Sky Dancer, slowly and precisely “dancing in the sky” in her Super Decathlon (Super D plane). The performance is as graceful as her performance on ice. Yes!  She is a competitive figure skater too.


Set to classical music, the performance captivates audiences with its elegance; Anna speaks fluently more than 7 languages, owns and operates the Canadian Flight Centre, holds a Ph.D. in Financial Mathematics, and is a Mom too! Anna was born in the Ukraine and spent several years living in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil before moving to Canada in 2008.


Rich is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, former U-2 pilot, internationally known air show performer, and an award-winning instructor pilot, with his Marchetti SF-260. This Italian-built fighter aircraft flies at 270 mph! It has a side-by-side seating arrangement, dual stick controls and is FAA certified to +6/-3 G’s. It’s the ultimate aerobatic training aircraft. In fact, Rich gives lessons/rides in the Marchetti out of the San Francisco Bay Area!

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